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Explore the World of Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium

‘n’ Aesthetic Formula™.

An original formula that focuses on what determines the existence of a perfect whole. Combining the world of modern dermatology and the needs of our patients with many years of intensive scientific research, we have created a protocol for healthy and radiant skin.

The ingredients of skincare by Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium are selected with great precision, drawing on modern technology, medicine and nature.


Over 20 years of experience

More than 90,000 patients account for over 90,000 resolved skin problems. This has led us to where we are now. This has led us to where we are.

Ambroziak Clinic Aesthetic Dermatology

Ambroziak Clinic Clinical Dermatology

Ambroziak Clinic Plastic Surgery Hospital


Dermatological ‘n’ Aesthetic Formula™

Combining the world of modern dermatology with science for healthy and beautiful skin MD PhD Marcin Ambroziak – aan outstanding dermatologist and visionary with over 20 years of professional experience. For 13 years, he has been conducting clinical trials with a team of clinical dermatology experts Based on his extensive experience, he has created cosmetics that are designed to “work”.


Quality confirmed by tests

Each cosmetic by Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium has been developed based on our clinical expertise. From advanced research on the ingredients themselves, to studies confirming the performance of the resulting products. After having studied the skin and its properties, talked to thousands of patients, and solved tens of thousands of skin problems, we know one thing… to enjoy beautiful and healthy skin, you need excellent skin care.


Unique composition

Skincare products by Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium have a good and rich composition. We’ve taken care to ensure the right concentration and selection of active substances. Each product has been formulated in such a way that the active substances within interact with each other to produce the best results.

Everything matters

Effectiveness confirmed by tests

In our proprietary formula, everything matters.

US: Our experience matters. Why we did it matters. “Ambroziak” matters. The present moment matters. Knowledge of what is important in skin care matters.

YOU: How old you are matters. What you do matters. What your job is matters. Your lifestyle matters What you care about matters. What is important to you matters.

SKINCARE:Every product we have created matters. Every ingredient matters Proportions and concentrations matter . How you use the products matters. The difference they make matters.

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Inspired by You

Inspired by You,
created by expert doctors.

You are our inspiration. Inspiring doctors led by Dr Marcin Ambroziak – experts who have been studying the skin for more than 20 years.

The trust of more than 90,000 patients has allowed us to create cosmetics that effectively address various skin problems, because we know that basic skin care is not enough for you. You need an improved version of skin care, tailored to your skin and lifestyle – Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium can provide it.

“The skincare products by Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium contain active substances with scientifically proven properties in the right concentrations. That’s something to make the effects of the skin treatments we give our patients last longer.”
~ Dr n. PhD dermatologist Marcin Ambroziak

Wszystko ma znaczenie. Z dbałością o każdy najdrobniejszy szczegół, dzięki wyjątkowemu wyczuciu estetyki,uwielbieniu dla tworzenia piękna oraz wizjonerstwu Joanny Ambroziak powstały produkty nie tylko skuteczne, ale także przynoszące niezwykłą przyjemność stosowania.

“We feel beautiful when we are loved, and most of all when we love ourselves.”
~ Joanna Ambroziak

Get to know us better

We Believe in Quality Proven by Science

We have been setting trends in clinical and aesthetic dermatology in Poland for more than 20 years.
We have created cosmetics based on our clinical expertise and extensive experience.

Effects confirmed in clinical trials

Drawing on many years of experience. Exploring the skin and its properties. Talking to thousands of patients. Solving tens of thousands of skin problems.

We know one thing… to have beautiful and healthy skin, you need excellent skin care tailored to your needs and lifestyle.


years of experience


years of research



20 years of experience encapsulated
in cosmetics by Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium

Hydrating Face Drops
intense hyaluronic acid – Hydrating serum

Your skin becomes perfectly moisturised, soft and smooth. Immediate relief for dry skin. Quality confirmed by tests:

*results of application tests after 4 weeks of use

Set Your Standards High!

Discover our full range of products based on our proprietary Dermatological ‘n’ Aesthetical Formula™ technology

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Hydrating Face Drops Moisturizing Serum

designed for daily care of dry skin

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Vitamin C in cosmetics.

When is it really effective?

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Everyday moisturizing cream

Light Face Cream moisturizing cream with vitamin C. Contains a high concentration of vitamin C, so it has an anti-wrinkle effect

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Conscious care in 5 simple steps

Conscious care in 5 simple steps

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