Our philosophy

Get to know our philosophy!

Over 20 years of experience on the path to excellence.

What we have called the path to excellence for over 20 years is a quest to make you love yourself and your own skin. By choosing the Ambroziak brand and placing your trust in us, you are giving us much more than you may think. You become our inspiration for exploration and improvement. 

From the very beginning, we have assumed a global approach to the patient, which fits into our DNA, marking the entire area of our activity – clinical trials, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and a whole range of specialisations that are indispensable in the daily care of the patient and our development.

We know that only through the consistency of our actions can we truly explore the causes of skin problems and find the best solution to ease them. It is our DNA.

Being the market leader, we feel obliged to give you our best. Something that goes significantly beyond words such as quality, safety and effectiveness.

When working on Dr Ambroziak Laboratorium cosmetics, we wanted to use our dermatological knowledge to create cosmetics that we want to use ourselves, and whose regular use gives the desired effect.

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Since the establishment of the first Ambroziak Clinic, we have performed more than 2.5 million procedures.

We take comprehensive care of our patients’ appearance and health, offering a full range of complementary treatments in aesthetic and clinical dermatology, plastic and vascular surgery, phlebology, aesthetic gynaecology, ENT, and physiotherapy and cosmetology.

Safely. Effectively. Always with great attention to detail, because when it comes to your health and appearance everything matters.

Set Your Standards High!

Discover our full range of products based on our proprietary Dermatological ‘n’ Aesthetical Formula™ technology  

Every detail

Expanding awareness and continuous education.

More than 2 decades of working for you is not only creating trends in the industry, it is also sharing knowledge with you. Through education, you can make informed choices.

The ageing process is inevitable, but this is the moment when we can say with confidence that we can slow it down effectively. And, given a choice, you can choose products with test-proven properties.

Test-proven properties.

Quality confirmed by tests

“C” the difference
Light Face Cream – Active vit. C –
Moisturising vitamin C cream

Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, including low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, your skin looks younger, and is provided with a visible lifting effect. 

*results of application tests after 4 weeks of use.

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